Re: mmap /dev/mem on AT91SAM9260

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Author: Michel Benoit
To: ARM Linux Mailing List
Subject: Re: mmap /dev/mem on AT91SAM9260
On 2/14/07, Russell King - ARM Linux <> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 11:00:27AM +0100, Michel Benoit wrote:
> > I use uClibc built with buildroot
> uClibc should really work...
> > The question remains, why is old_mmap() included in uClibc and how to
> > I include the correct version of mmap in my kernel+libc image?
> The question is rather "why is uClibc using the obsolete old_mmap
> call instead of mmap2", and it's a question which the uClibc people
> need to answer. I have no uClibc knowledge.

I am trying to follow the call path from my program through uClibc
into the kernel and eventually down to drivers/char/mem.c.

So far I'm lost in the maze that is the linux kernel tree. Cbrowser
has not helped much.

Can someone give me a tip as to where I can find the entry points for
arm versions of mmap() (system call 90) and mmap2() (system call 192)
in the kernel code?