HowTo XIP on arm?

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Author: Konstantin Kletschke
To: linux-arm-kernel
Subject: HowTo XIP on arm?
Hi people!

At the moment I am trying to get some visible output from my serial
console from an XIP booted kernel.

I wonder what the exact requirements for that are.

I use 2.6.10-rc2 kernel tree and have a motorola i-MX ARM9 processor on
my desk so I use the i.MX architecture of the kernel. The i.MX
architecture is implemented in these recent kernels for the motorola
eval board mx1ads and I adapted it to my (mostly similair) scb9328

When I use XIP do I have to tace care of that in my board setup and .c
.h files and Makefiles? Or is the arm XIP implementation generic for all
arm architectures? I think so but please advise me if not.

I wonder how in general a xipImage is started, I put it in flash at
specified adress and if I understood correct, the bootloader does not
start a kernel image, instead a "go 0xXXXXxxxx" should be sufficient.
I have bootloader from 0x10000000 to 0x10020000 and put the xipImage to
0x10040000. But this gives "## Starting application at 0x10048000 ..."
only, hence my stupid questions.

May be I did not understand yet, what correct boundary adresses for a
xipImage are.

Has xipaddr-y ?= 0xbf000000 to be adjusted to something architecture

Well, I will be very happy to get some tips on how to implement that

Kind regards, Konsti

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