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Author: Russell King - ARM Linux
To: Robin Farine
CC: ARM Linux Kernel
Subject: Re: toolchain question
On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 11:19:03AM +0100, Robin Farine wrote:
> Gerard Benjamin wrote:
> >Do you have an URL where I can download pre-built toolchain that is
> >not dynamically linked
> No, I never looked for such a thing :). To avoid the kind of problems
> you had and to be able to tune things, mainly the soft floating-point
> stuff, I prefer to build the tools from the sources.

We need to get this stuff sorted - on these mailing lists, there's about
one toolchain post every 17 hours (30 messages over 22 days this month.)

We need to stop people having the need to (re-)build their toolchain as
the first thing they do when targetting a platform. It's not necessary.
The last toolchain I built was gcc 3.3 several months ago, and that very
toolchain is happy to build ARM7-based kernels up to Xscale-based kernels.

In order to kick off a set of pre-built toolchains, we need to put
together a list of what people require from the toolchain. For example:

* i386 cross compiler to ARM, supporting:

    Feature            ARMv4  ARMv5   Xscale
    FPA        Y    N    N
    soft-float    N    Y    Y

    C lib:
    glibc        Y    Y    Y